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Tips On How to Keep the Woman You’re Dating Interested In You

A few months ago, you finally had the guts to ask your dream girl out on a date and she said yes. Congratulations! You have been dating for a while now and you’re starting to develop real feelings for her. How can you make sure that she starts to feel the same about you, too? If you want her to stick around and have eyes only for you, then here are some tips to keep her interested in you:

The 4 Steps To Building A Relationship With A Woman

Do you ever wonder why a lot of men out there seem to have trouble getting a girl to like them? Have you ever failed to turn that dating status into an actual committed relationship? If you said yes to both questions, then listen up because you’re about to learn the 4 steps to building a relationship with a woman. If you really want to make girls love you and find you irresistible, here are the things that you must keep in mind.

The High Probability Seduction Model

Sales and seduction are very close, structurally. Truly see this and it will become much easier.

11 Smart Questions Women Should Ask and Why

There are questions that all women should ask men. Whether in a relationship or thinking of getting in a relationship with them, these questions can reveal more about them than what they hide from you, and may save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

How To Leverage Feedback Loops For Incredible Attraction And Seduction

Feedback loops are a powerful part of nature. You can use them to create incredible attraction.

Reasons Men Use For Cheating

Aside from the anger and disappointment of finding out your partner has cheated, it leaves the question of why. Men can cheat for many reasons not just sex alone. Here are the many reasons that men cheat in a relationship.

The Deep Mindset Of A Natural Seducer – And How To Achieve It

There’s a belief that with enough game, you can “game” any woman. This is not true. And that is good news.

How Do You Make a Girl Want to Kiss You

How do you make a girl wan to kiss you? First, you need to make her feel comfortable around you. And second, you need to create sexual tension with her.

How to Impress Women Instantly (Show Them You Are Dating Material)

Every guy impresses women instantly. The secret is to impress them in a positive way. We want them to think of us as dating material, from the moment they notice us for the first time.

How to Get a Girl Interested in You Without Talking to Her

How do you get a girl interested in you without talking to her? Well, since 80% of what you say doesn’t come out of your mouth attracting women without words is not only possible, but also inevitable. Believe it or not, females decide if you are boyfriend material, or not, before you even have a chance to open your mouth.

How Do You Make a Girl Addicted to You

How do you make a girl addicted to you? Well, don’t give her what she wants, give her what she needs. Learn to give her pleasure in small doses, and always leave her wanting more.

The Real Secrets of Seduction – Uncertainty Can Increase Romantic Attraction (Keep Her Guessing)

Let me share a secret, uncertainty can increase romantic attraction. Understand this basic principle and you will not only be able to attract gorgeous girls, you will make them addicted to you. This is not my opinion; it’s a proven fact.

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