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3 Real World Tips For Approaching Women – No Nonsense Dating Advice For Men

Dating can be very confusing when you have wrong information about it. Here are some tips for men who are ready to go into the real world and attract women. Read it now!

The Truth About Understanding Guys

Women are often keen to learn about understanding guys. They spend a lot of time and effort on decoding what their partners really mean with their actions and words. There are a lot of broken relationships anchored to the idea that women can’t understand their partners. Before you come to your own conclusions, it’s better to know the truth about what men want.

3 False Beliefs About Dating That Stop You From Attracting Hot Women

Having false beliefs about women and dating can cloud your judgement. Here are some proven tips that will change the way you go about approaching women. Read it now!

What Guys Want: It’s Not What You Might Think

When you list down the things that men want to have, it’s possible that you would put sex somewhere on that list. Before you run away with preconceptions about what think men are looking for from a woman, here’s the score on what guys really want in a woman.

Can You Be Sexy Friends With Benefits?

Do you have what it takes to be a sexy friend with benefits? Is your potential sexy date someone you know right now? Or, could it be someone you pass everyday on the South African dating streets but you just haven’t been introduced? Find out if you are ready for a sexy dating friend and then discover where to find yours.

The Good Guy Date Map

Going on a first date is the ultimate level of being judged. Although exciting, first dates are also nerve wrecking, especially if you like the guy and desperately want to be liked in return! Read on for a quick snapshot of what the good guy is looking for on a first date. This information will hopefully put your mind at ease so you know what he’s doing when he gazes into your eyes…

The Bed Scene: What Men Want

Having a relationship or being married entails a responsibility for both parties. It’s a positive thing for a woman to seek research in handling her relationship affairs. In the aspect of lovemaking, women might want to read more on the matter. This would allow them to understand what it is men want in bed.

How to Seduce Women In an Easy Way

Seducing a woman is the most common problem for men throughout the world as they don’t know exactly the real secrets behind it. And obviously, women are not going to open these secrets. The worst situation is when you find an average guy, with lower financial status, is successfully seducing a beautiful woman right in front of you.

Bad First Date Ideas

The process of meeting someone you want to spend the rest of your life with can be very difficult. If you do not make the first date special, you could lose out on the chance to know whether the person was meant for you. Be sure you plan dates that can help you know the other person, and the other person can get to know you.

How To Get A Date With A Difficult Woman

If you’re looking for how to get a date, this article will show you. And you’ll see how even the most difficult of women can be quickly won over.

How to Become an Irresistible Sexy Date

There is a well know yet often missed formula for being an irresistible sexy date. It’s not what you think. Forget about having the perfect body or the perfect set of teeth. What you can do to get potential hookups flocking to your adult online dating profile is as simple as one, two three.

Understanding Guys: Questions You Should Never Ask Your Man

Some relationships go to the wall just because the woman becomes too desperate in trying to understand what it is her man really feels. True enough, there are really men who are very hard to figure out. However, this should not push you into a desperate state of mind. To help you escape the problem, here are some questions you should never ask your men.

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