99.9% of Women CRAVE a Man With Abundance Mentality! (HERE’S WHY)

6 Tips For Dating Profile Creation

Do you need to create an online dating profile but don’t know where to start? Read these dating profile creation tips to help you get started.

How to Know If the Guy You’re Dating Is Serious About You

Dating can be a minefield of bad decisions, wrong timing, and unmet expectations. But you can evaluate your dating situation to see if it is worth saving or is showing signs it’s time to move on. Learn how.

3 Tips for Picking Up Girls at the Gym – Plus a Bonus Strategy to Help Your Game

Picking up girls at the gym is scary. Learn 3 tips for making it a little less scary. Also learn a strategy that will not only give you access to girls at the gym, but will help your game as well.

Realistic Expectations When Dating For Women

When you’ve been single for some time, it’s natural to wonder whether the reason you don’t have a boyfriend right now, is that you’ve been too picky. Unfortunately, your friends have mixed opinions. How then can women know whether I have realistic expectations when dating?

How to Get the Man You Want – Without Asking Him Out

Asking a man out is a no-win dating situation, but you can still snag your man without taking this drastic measure. Learn how to get a second look from the guy you have your eye on.

How to Date When You Are a Single Parent

Single parents often struggle with balancing their dating life with their life as parents. But you can actually have both. Learn how to date when you have kids.

Your Bride From Ukraine May Be 10 to 15 Years Younger Than You

When you hear that Jim Carry is rumored to be with a 23-year old Russian college student you can’t help but wonder if it’s mid-life crisis. But that’s just our culture in the West. If I told you this was normal for marriages overseas you’d be skeptical; and even more so if I told you it was normal for men from the West who marry women from Ukraine and other countries.

Love, the Language of Flowers on Valentine’s Day

Sending romantic flowers at any time is an expression of caring, but most especially for Valentine’s Day, the lovers’ holiday. Some planning and thought, however, will make the gesture even more unique to the person. Remember, you want them to feel delight in receiving the beautiful flowers and understanding its message.

How To Keep The Conversation Running Smoothly On a Date

Conversations can be difficult to start on your first date. People often get so nervous they fear saying something silly, something offensive or find themselves too busy thinking of something to say and end up in awkward moments of silence. The key thing to remember is: this person would not be sitting here meeting you for a date, if they didn’t want to see you, chat to you and get to know you! Any kind of conversation can lead to another, and another, and another; so all you need is a great ice breaker and away you go!

Why Do Many Women Fall in Love With the Bad Guys?

Women have different preferences when it comes to guys. There are women who like the typical tall, dark and handsome characteristics of a man. There are also some who like athletic guys particularly those who are in the varsity team and have a very masculine character. Hence, there are also women who like talented guys who can sing, dance, play instruments and more.

Snowed-In Singles

It can be hard to break the bonds of warmth between you and your bed or couch this winter. It is of the utmost importance though that you make an attempt to break free though, in an effort to increase your circles of friends. Get to know more people while braving the cold. You’ll be happy you gave it a shot.

What Do Guys Want For Valentines Day?

What do guys really want for Valentines Day? I have asked a lot of men this question and the answers may be shocking to you. Valentines Day is for lovers, but is it more of a Holiday for women than men?

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