8 Pickup Artist Techniques that SUCK!!!

How to Overcome Shyness on a Date

It is very hard to learn how to overcome shyness on a date and meet new people. If you are shy and find it difficult to hold a conversation with a stranger, you will feel anxious and worry that you won’t know what to talk about, you will be worried about saying and doing the wrong thing and you just feel generally nervous.

Inter-Religion Dating – What You Need To Know

People have different preferences when it comes to dating. Some wish to date people from their own religion or tribes while the others would rather find love and friendship from people with different religious backgrounds. If you are interested in dating from a specific community, whether it’s your community or not, there are social networks now making the process easy for you.

Romantic Over 40 Social Network

There are many single people over 40 as a result of different circumstances. A few were far too busy earlier in life to date and hence end up being single at this age. Some are single as a result of divorce, separation or death of spouses. Whatever your reason of being single over 40, you still have a chance to find love and be happy. This is thanks to social dating networks that are designed specifically for those who are over 40.

7 Qualities Men Find Irresistible in Women

With the growing population of single women, finding eligible single men could be a challenge. The competition is high and to get ahead of other women, you have to possess the qualities men find irresistible in women. Men who are looking for a long-term relationship are looking for certain qualities in a woman. So what are these qualities that can make you a man magnet?

Exploring the Phenomenon of Dating Violence

Many times a date can start out perfectly fine and no one would expect that it would turn into a nightmare, but it has happened and many times people get traumatized, hurt and even killed. Sometimes it only takes one word or a sarcastic remark to set it off. Other times it builds over a period of hours till finally a person feels unable to endure the tension of being rejected in some form any longer and erupts in a fit of hostile anger.

Are You Settling?

Relationships are amazing, and there is nothing like finding that kindred spirit we can team up with, and together embark on a multitude of off the wall adventures. Despite the fact that we have made so much progress on equality in so many different areas and facets of our personal and professional lives, the two genders still find themselves in different strength positions regarding the timelines associated with this occurring, When a romantic pairing is occurring from a position of strength, it is a very different than this same type of pairing occurring from a position of…

How to Become Attractive Physically

Before women could mesmerize men with their non-physical attractive traits, it is important that their physical appearance is something that can get the attention of men. You do not have to be a beauty queen to be attractive. The following tips can be very helpful for you to become attractive physically.

Online Relationships Vs Offline Relationships: Which Is Better?

This is one of the most common topics of debate and everyone has laid numerous instances to support their arguments. I happen to find this topic extremely interesting and decided to understand the pros and cons of both.

How To Kiss – There Is Nothing Magical About A Terrible Kiss!

Simply put, there is nothing worse that finally getting to that magical point to find out you can’t even deliver a good kiss! Let’s just face it, your kissing sucks! What can you do? How do you correct this problem? Read on!

Am I Too Old to Start Dating?

Have you suddenly found yourself on your own again after a bereavement or divorce and cannot imagine meeting someone new and going out on a date? You may be asking yourself “Am I too old to start dating?

How to Meet Single Guys

If you are hoping to start a relationship with a new man but are struggling to know how to go about it, then you need to know how to meet single guys who could be suitable for you. That isn’t so difficult when you think about it as suitable single guys are everywhere.

Why Christian Single Ladies Can’t Find Their Boaz!

A big cry among single ladies, is, “there are no single guys at my church.” There are other single ladies, who say, “I want a good, christian man, who believes in waiting until marriage for intimacy.” Some ladies say, “It’s very hard to find a quality guy with very good godly principles”. The story of Ruth is a reminder that God never gives up, nor leaves a single woman alone. In fact God is a God of second chances. God desires for us to see Ruth and Boaz’s union as an example.

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