7 Mistakes Men Make During Sex

3 Easy Tips on How to Become an Expert at Picking Up Girls

Do you want to become an expert at picking up girls? If so, then you need to master how to approach girls first. After all, you won’t be able to win a girl over without approaching her first. Fortunately, it is quite easy to approach a girl nowadays. Here are 3 easy tips on how to become an expert at picking up girls in no time.

How to Pick Up Girls Anytime and Anywhere

Learning how to pick up girls anytime and anywhere isn’t necessarily hard, but it is something that you will need to learn and practice with time. A lot of guys seem to think that learning how to pick up girls is a deviant and sleazy hobby, but that is only because they aren’t looking at the bigger picture. At its core, the art of picking up girls is all about connecting with people on a deeper level, in general. Because of this, you need to learn more about girls and their minds in order to know what to say and how to act in certain situations until they become more comfortable around you.

The 411 on Picking Up Girls – Keep Things Fun and Exciting in Order to Succeed

Picking up girls should always be fun and exciting. Even if you aren’t after a gorgeous supermodel, you can easily turn this dream into a reality. You just need to remember that you need to keep learning about picking up girls in order to get the chance to become a pickup artist in the long run.

The Three Things NOT to Do to Make Him Fall In Love

What can you do to make a man you’re interested in fall for you? Is it possible to make him love you? How can you get him to realize that you are what he wants?

The Dangers of Over-Pleasing Your Man

Sometimes it seems like the average good girl gets the short end of the stick in the dating world, but why is that? Wouldn’t you think that a man would want a nice, stable woman who cares for him and supports him? What is it about being nice and polite that is such an apparent turn-off to guys?

Understanding Why Men Never Want to Commit

Women have questioned men’s inability to commit throughout the ages. Do you find yourself in that situation now? Are you wondering why he won’t take it to the next level?

Christmas Presents For Your Boyfriend – What Does He Want?

Avoid the stress this Christmas season when you are shopping for your boyfriend. Here are some time-tested recommendations on narrowing down your search. No more sleepless nights or mindless window-shopping; get the information you need… now. Right from the horse’s mouth… a guy.

How to Start a New Meaningful Relationship in Your 40s

So you are in your 40s and you find yourself out looking for that meaningful relationship. The good news – the relationship of your dreams is out there. The other good news is there is one specific action you can take to prepare your heart to be ready to attract and experience that wonderful new relationship!

Two Tricks to Reading a Man’s True Intentions

Many women get flustered and frustrated when trying to figure out what a man is thinking or feeling. This is because women tend to be more vocally communicative whereas men tend to express their emotions through actions instead of words. Communication between genders has always been tricky at best, and sometimes it can seem like you’re trying to decode a massive puzzle just to figure out whether or not he wants Chinese food for dinner.

How Can I Tell If He Loves Me Back?

If you’ve ever dated a man, had sex with a man, or even spoken to a man, you probably know that most of them are not wordsmiths. Men generally lack the ability to communicate verbally as well as women do. While this is not a hard-and-fast rule, it does tend to prove itself true more often than not.

Should I Try a “Friends With Benefits” Relationship?

Are you considering the idea of entering into a casual sex relationship? This is the type of relationship where both sexual partners are friends or acquaintances, but not romantically involved. Perhaps you want to have sexual pleasure without all the drama of a romantic relationship.

Pet Peeves Guys Have in Relationships and What You Could Do Regarding Them

Getting a relationship to work can sometimes be more difficult than we anticipate. They take communication, sensitivity, effort, and some understanding. When it comes to understanding, it helps to know the pet peeves that men have in relationships. Here are some of their pet peeves, be sure to avoid them.

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