6 Ways to Flirt with Women

That Dirty Mouth: Get Her Hot Just by Talking

What do you think it takes to get a woman horny? How about showing her your manhood? Well, depending on the type of woman you’re showing it to, it could work, but why risk a kick in the groin or having the police called on you? How about talking dirty? Doesn’t work on women, you say? Actually, that’s exactly what you should try. There’s a way to do it and get the desired results. Would you like to know how? If you do, keep reading and I’ll share with you just how to do it and have her soaked and wanting you.

Ruling Your Relationship – Taking Control Back

If you’ve followed some dating advice when it comes to getting men to chase you, many will say in order to do that, you have to let the guy drive to remain interested. While this may be true, once a relationship is established it needs to shift to a more equal plane. If you are feeling like he still has the wheel all of the time, then it is time to take it over until there is a balance. Keep reading to learn how to take control back in your relationship.

Oh, You Flirt! Talking Flirtatiously and Romantically

Talking to your man is never a problem, right? Simply talking is an easy thing, but do you find yourself at a loss when it comes to putting yourself into that role that has him saying “She’s my best friend” or letting him know how you truly feel about him other than saying “I love you”? Well, I have good news for you. I have three tips here for talking to your man that will help you be fun, flirty, and romantic. Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it.

How to Get a Date With Every Woman You Want?

This article will give all the dating tips you need to get a date. Getting a date with a woman is easy if you know how to do it.

Looking for A Good Dating Service Online

There are several online dating sites and not all of them are ideal. This article discusses ways to find the ideal site for you.

Broken Merry Go-Round

I heard this song yesterday in the car Kacey Musgraves – Merry Go ‘Round. Her lyrics are so dead on it made me think, why do we settle for less than we deserve?

Fixing Online Dating Problems

It is probably inevitable to avoid issues with online dating. If this takes place, you can follow these tips to overcome them.

You Are the Love-Child of a Love-God, Carry Yourself With So Much Care!

Ideal relationship requires excellence at every level. From the North to the South, you must do things that are worthy to write home about. If your parents, guardians and mentors will not be proud of you if you do what you intend to do, then do not do it. From the East to the West, you must be the best! You can not afford to live a low life. You must become the person God created you to become. Why will you seek to do things that have no eternal value?

Rekindle the Spark: How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

Men… have you said or done something you shouldn’t have and that, in turn, made the woman you care about walk out of your life? We’ve all done this at some point in time, but the real question is… were you able to get her back? If not, don’t fret, because here we’re going to reveal ways to renew the love and get your girlfriend back.

3 Tips on How to Get A Girlfriend – A Woman’s Point of View

Dating can be a really confusing subject for a lot of you. Not only are the rules illusive, you also have to weigh up all the conflicting opinions of what should and shouldn’t be done. My job is to make it easy for you to clear out all the junk and get down to what’s most important when it comes to attracting a woman – and in this case getting a girlfriend. So, this is for you – the simple guy. And, all you need to remember is the 3 Fs. You have to find her, filter out the bad ones, and finalize (in other words seal the deal!) Let me explain…

Date Safe!

How many times have you heard your friend whine about that stupid jerk that didn’t know how to pay compliments? Or how about that blind date that nearly led to a heart-attack (because of those hairy arms that made you… well)!

Getting Your Self Esteem In Order Online

A lot of times it is underestimated just how important that self-esteem that you bring to the table online is. Many people assume that self-esteem can be faked or simulated behind the safety net that only a computer monitor can bring. After all, this allows men to never have to look women in the eyes when they are about to write their very first email and hit on them.

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