6 Relationship Myths That AREN’T TRUE | Courtney Ryan

Darwin’s Relationship Advice For Men

If your dating skills hinge on what you hear women saying then by far the best advice I can give you is to stop listening and start watching. I’m going to show you why being the guy a woman says she wants will put you on permanent friend status, and why being the man she’s helplessly drawn to will bump you up to boyfriend status.

Turning a Friend Into a Girlfriend: 3 Important Steps For Handling a Tough Transition

Falling in love with a close friend is extremely difficult, and often stressful. Once a man realizes he is romantically interested in a woman he previously thought of as a friend, he is faced with two options. He can either ignore these new feelings and focus on preserving the friendship, or he can declare his love and risk losing a close friend forever. Neither option is appealing, but fortunately there is a way to work towards a romantic relationship with a close female friend without putting the friendship on the line. Instead of attempting to jump directly from one extreme to another, move slowly to ease yourself (and her) into the new stage of your relationship.

Easy Flirting Tips For Online Dating Success

How will you flirt with someone if you do not even see him/her face to face? This is the million dollar question by all people who are into online dating. You must know some of the best and most effective flirting tips for online dating. You should remember these flirting tips so that when you meet someone new online, you will be able to put only your best foot forward.

How to Get Over Your Ex the Easy Way

Are you having so much trouble getting over your ex that you still spend most days lying around in bed listening to Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” over and over again? Do you believe that your ex was ‘The One’ and that you will never love again and that no one will ever love you again? Well, guess what? You will. All you have to do is get over your ex first.

How to Get a Girl to Like You – Tips for Getting a Girl

Are you wondering how to get a girl to like you? What are the steps to getting a girl to like you? Why is it so easy for some guys to get a girl to like them and it is so much more difficult for others?

Fun Couple Activities – Create A Lovers Ice Cream Creation At Cold Rock

When the weather is hot and humid, enjoying an ice cream any time of the day is always refreshing and cools your body down. What better way to enjoy this sweet dessert than with a loved one to make the experience a whole lot sweeter. Being in a couple brings the joy of sharing ice cream together and feeding each other. However, problems often arise when two people disagree on which flavours to choose from. One person may prefer creamy flavours while the other may be more inclined to select fruity flavours. This does not mean the end of your ideal of intimately sharing a cup of ice cream together. Cold Rock allows you to create a wide variety of ice cream and filling combinations so that both of you can be satisfied. The combination of both your choices will be your very own unique lovers ice cream creation.

Good, Personal Questions to Ask A Girl to Get to Know Her

So you are sitting at the bar and you’re stumped at what to say to this girl. You want some good, personal questions to ask a girl to get to know her. I like personal questions. But because you are just meeting her, start off with fun questions and then move deeper. Keep it pithy and positive.

Married People Give The Worst Dating Advice

Besides some of the people who are on online dating sites, who gives the worst dating advice? Let me think for a second…

Are You An Old Age Bar Stalker?

For those of you over the age of 35, let me ask you a question. Do you remember when you were just out of college at 22, you went to a hip fun trendy bar full of people your age, and there was always that one guy there who was wearing a bad leather jacket, some seriously bad jeans and had a comb-over? The more you watched him, the more he creeped you out.

A Good Bar Pickup Routine

How many times have you been out at night, and a group of women are taking those ridiculous digital camera pictures? I mean really, how many pictures do women need of they and their friends drinking? Now I know most women love putting these pictures up on their online dating profile.

Stop Texting Him This and You Will Stand Out

Guys are huge texters. They text with different girls all the time. Some guys are better at texting than others so it only goes to say, some girls are better at it than others. You can build or increase attraction with guys by knowing what to and what not to text.

How to Meet Girls – The Golden Rule

Where do I go? What do I say? How do I dress?

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