5 Topics “ALL” Women Love To Talk About…

10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Date A Younger Woman

These are some facts about why older men want to date younger women. True and funny facts.

Building Your Communication Skills With Guys

If you’re like most women, you’ve probably noticed that it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with the men in your life. It seems like they just think about things differently, express themselves differently, and understand you expressing yourself differently. So how you can you rectify this situation to make yourself clearer in conversation?

Second Chances – Can They Be Worthwhile?

Let me guess: he broke your heart and now he wants you back. It happens. It’s happened to most women, in fact.

Getting Ready for a Date – How to Feel Beautiful

Preparing yourself for dates can be overwhelming. What do you wear? How should you do your make up?

On Dating: Guys, 10 Things You Should Never Do On a Date

Here are 10 things that a man should not do on a date with a lady. After reading these you will have a better insight on how to operate a successful date.

Why Men Dump ‘Nice’ Ladies (Part C)

According to Sherry Argov, the author of Why Men Marry Bitches: “A smart, together guy won’t build a life with a woman he feels doesn’t have her feet firmly planted on the ground. Men do not marry ‘little girls’ type because they don’t want to feel like they are adopting a young child. The only reason men like stupid women is so they can take advantage of them – in the short term. A quality guy worth his salt wants a partner who… can handle things when he’s not around.”

Why Men Dump ‘Nice’ Ladies (Part A)

Why do we (men) prefer to date and marry seemingly ‘crazy’ girls, while we dump the ‘nice’ ones? Why are some ‘nice’ girls always used and dumped? What mistakes are the ‘nice’ ladies making and how should they avoid them? Who is a ‘crazy’ girl?

3 Tips for Texting Her After You Get Her Number

If you are anything like me, there was once a time for you when succeeding to get a girl’s phone number was such a big deal. Maybe you are still experiencing that phase right now; that’s totally fine. If you continue to practise, eventually you’ll get to a point where getting a number no longer phases you.

Define Your World However You Like For Incredible Seductive Power

Girls respond to your own definition of your world. Why not create a compelling one?

How to Talk to a Girl on the Phone – These Tips Will Help You for a Long Time

So you want to start a conversation with a girl, don’t you? But the only problem is you don’t know how? Many guys prefer text messages because they lack self confidence to talk to a girl on the phone. Actually, texting is also a good way to build more attraction with that special girl, but you cannot avoid the necessity of calling her over phone.

The Mindset Of A Natural Seducer

What can selling cookies teach us about talking to girls? Not what you’d expect.

How To Quickly Become An Irresistible Alpha Male

The true qualities of an alpha are sometimes difficult to determine. You are about to learn the REAL secrets.

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