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Is Love A Losing Game In Your Twenties?

Saturday morning, I woke up to the tragic news of the death of soul singer Amy Winehouse, yet another gifted 27 year old musician dying far before her prime. It got me thinking as to how discerning living in your twenties can be. From your dating lives to your career aspirations, it seems like once you enter your mid-twenties, everything comes to a screaming halt.

Are You Texting at Dinner?

Technology has made our lives very convenient. My experience is that technology adds a barrier to love, connecting, face-to-face sharing (even with the advent of social media), and communication.

How to Keep a Man Interested – Keep His Attention on You

Do you get asked out on lots of dates, but then never seem to be able to get past one or two dates with a guy? You look good and have lots of talk about, but somehow guys still seem to lose interest? Have you witnessed girls who are much less pretty than you get and keep a man?

Long Distance Relationship Gifts – Perfect Gifts for Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Does your partner live a long ways away? Are you keen to make your long distance relationship a success? Are you confident to make it work? Don’t allow the distance between you to be an issue. If you work on it, you can make your long distance relationship a success.

True Love Calculator – How to Work Out If You’re With The One

Are you desperate to know if he is The One? Do you want to find the perfect man you can be with forever? Do you want to make sure that you are not just wasting your time on this man? You may have had a lot of troubled relationships, and now you are dating a new man. What can astrology tell you about this man? Can a true love calculator really work out if he’s the one for you? Or is it all just a bit of fun? Here’s some information about true love calculators, to help you work out if they are for you.

My Love Match: The Signals That Show You’ve Found The One

Do you believe in true love? Do you think there is a guy for you who is The One? What do you do if you meet him? What signals should you be on the lookout for? It’s really hard to work out whether the man you are with is The One for you.

For Successful Women Only – The Secrets to Achieving True Love!

The times have changed for women in the world today. You want to “have it all”-a career, loving husband and family. With more single people of all ages, today’s world provides you with this unique opportunity. You can have the love that you have been searching for – a loving partnership with a man creating the life of your dreams! Yet in today’s busy world finding the balance between career success and love can be confusing- how do women have it all?

Tips on How to Pick Up Girls – Be the Guy Girls Want

Anyone who has ever played the dating game will say that rejection is perhaps the strongest source of inertia. More than fear of the unexpected, it’s setting yourself up for failure and rejection, even worse, public humiliation that often prevents you from walking up to the girl of your dreams and showing her that you’re her Mr. Right.

Dating for Middle Aged Women

With the growing popularity of online dating web sites, increased rate of divorces, and prolonged youthfulness, middle aged women are finding themselves entering a new arena in life: the dating scene. Long gone are the fears associated with “old maids” and spinsterdom. In today’s world it’s become common for middle aged women to be single, dating, having fun, and embracing their sexuality.

Are You a Serial Dater?

Serial dating is not necessarily a sign of a problem, particularly when done on a short-term basis in the early stages of a relationship. In some cases, it can be a way to get to know yourself and what you’re looking for in a partner. But if the practice continues for a long period of time or becomes a way of avoiding authentic connections, there may be underlying issues to consider such as sex or love addiction.

Love and Friendship – Signs He Is More Than Just a Friend

When do the lines between love and friendship become wavy? Is there a period when love and friendship begin to merge? What are some of the signs that your friend may want something more? What to do when graduating between love and friendship?

Want to Attract Women? Drop the Ego

There is something that we all have especially us guys. It is an ego. It can quickly backfire on us when we are trying to attract women. Learn more in this article to figure out how to drop your ego without losing your confidence.

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