5 Signs You’re Dating A Love Addict!

Good Topics to Talk About on a First Date

Make sure every first date goes smoothly. If you are ever in a pinch for things to say on a first date here are 6 topics to help you get the conversation going.

Tips on Attracting Girls

Many guys have had funny and frustrating experiences when it comes to asking girls out. If you have been snubbed by a girl before, don’t fret because you are just like many others. But when you seem to be getting rejected every time, then there must be something you are failing to see.

Do You Date or Do You Hate?

Most people who have made countless attempts and failed with all of their relationships tend to become bitter and start hating the whole concept of love altogether. While this discouraging feeling is understandable, it is by no means the end of the dating career.

How To Bring Back The Relationship Spark

When in a relationship, whether it is a short or long term, there will always come a time when the relationship will lose its spark. A sense of normalcy will take place and you tend to feel that nothing is interesting anymore. This is often true for long term relationships. The interest of the other subsides due to the fact that you both know each other so well that you think nothing will interest you anymore. Now, when the spark of the relationship is gone, couples usually panic and make hasty decision such as putting an end to the relationship. However, breaking up is not always the answer to this. Being in the normalcy state is actually just a challenge to the relationship and it is up to you on how you will rekindle the fire in the relationship.

Ways To Fix A Bad Relationship

When you are aiming or currently in a long term relationship, do not expect that everything will run smoothly and as planned. This is because at some point in the relationship something will go out of hand and what once was smooth will become rocky and unmanageable. Often times, when this happens, the couple would panic and fights will break off. It would also, at times, leave the couple in doubt and be tempted to put an end to the relationship. However, if both of you would still want to try to work things out, fixing a relationship would deem to be relatively simple.

Picking Up Chicks in the Nightclub

Hooking up with pretty girls is intimidating to just about every man with a pulse. But the finesse that it takes to close the deal comes easier to some. Even if you’re no hookup artist, you can fake the persona that it takes to routinely score with chicks in nightclubs until it becomes second nature. Remember, girls aren’t at the bar looking for a soul mate – they’re looking for a casual sex partner. She wants someone she can lust after. To achieve this you must be confident, have some dance moves, dress to impress, and be impeccably groomed. Trim that nose hair.

Date Night for Your First Date or Anniversary Date

If you are looking for something different to do for your Date Night with your main squeeze, what about dinner and dancing. If you cannot dance, why not make plans for a dance lesson and then go dancing. That is exactly what Jose did when he met Esther. She is a beautiful woman and Jose had stars in his eyes every time he looked in her direction.

10 Signs That He’s Using You For Sex

Being used is usually devastating to the ego along with your self-esteem. If you happen to be in a relationship -whether newer or established- and you think that the guy could be using you, you’re almost certainly right. There are tons of reasons that guys use women. Sex stands out as the one that most girls picture, but there are actually others.

The Greatest Stumbling Block For Relationships

As much as people desire a good, loving relationship some just can’t take the plunge. There may be many reasons for this reluctance. Maybe you’ve just broken up with a long-term boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe your career hogs all your time and you feel it’d be unfair to promise the guy or lady you’re interested in the proper commitment. Maybe you’ve family concerns, say looking after a sick relative, and you just have to place your relationship on an indefinite hold. These are understandable reasons why you avoid the relationship step.

Who to Ask for Teen Dating Advices

More and more teenagers are dating regularly these days, making it necessary to get some good teen dating tips. They are still at a young and inexperienced stage and do not have much dating experience. The best place for teenagers to get advice about dating would be their parents.

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