4 Ways to Take your Ex Off the Pedestal

First Date Do’s and Don’ts

Just out of curiosity, which causes you to sweat more? A high-powered job interview or your first date? Most guys tell me it’s the latter and you know what, I believe them.

How To Court A Filipina

Learning how to court a Filipina can be a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience. Filipino women are generally known for their simplicity and humility, but being also conservative and reserved, getting them to say “yes” to your proposal may not be very easy.

You Want a Godly Mate?

As a coach I’m finding so many church singles confused about what they want from a religious perspective. When I have those in the church to list their requirements and wants I usually get: “I want a Godly man/woman…

How To Get A Girl Attracted To You (Even If You’ve Got No Idea Where To Begin)

Learning how to get a girl attracted to you isn’t something you have to tackle all by yourself. In fact, I don’t recommend it at all… because you’re less likely to follow through. Read every word of this article for 2 powerful pieces of advice that (IF followed) have been proven to work ‘in the field’ time and time again.

Things Women Find Attractive In Men (This Is One Truth That Will Set You Free)

My list of things women find attractive in men is probably a lot different from what you’re used to hearing. As men we’re led to believe that looks, hair and how much money we make are all that matters, but I promise you: when you develop the 2 personality traits I’m about to share with you, what you look like and how much money you have aren’t going to matter at all.

3 Things That Turn Men Off! Know These Before You Screw Up Your Chances With That Special Guy

Just as women test men, some men have a habit of testing women too and they do it for the sole purpose of knowing how she will react under different situations. The way you respond to such tests will show him how good or bad you will be in the long run.

What Should You Do When Your Man Needs Space – Don’t Mess Up Your Chances by Doing the Wrong Thing

Isn’t it painful when your man wants some space all of a sudden? Dealing with such a situation can be really scary as your mind will make you think that he is probably bored of you and is planning to leave you.

7 Habits of Highly Attractive Women – Insider Tips on How to Become the Woman Every Man Wants

What is the difference between the woman who can attract any man at will and someone who always ends up getting her heart broken into pieces? Women who are successful at the game of dating & relationship follow certain rules which a lot of women aren’t exactly aware of.

How to Find Out If He Likes You or Not – Here Are Some Easy Ways to Tell If He Likes You

Knowing whether a guy likes you or is not an easy thing as most guys usually send out mixed signals. So, there is this guy who has aroused feelings in your heart for him and you can’t wait to know what he feels for you, here are some tried and trusted ways you can rely upon to find out if he likes you or not…

Make Him Say I Want You So Bad

Have you ever experienced a man being so passionate about you that he wants you really bad? If you’re like a lot of women, you want to be with a man who is passionate about being with you. Knowing how to make your man long for you is as easy as knowing how to make him feel a deep connection with you.

New Relationship: Tips On How To Deal With It

In real life, having a passionate relationship with someone new is never easy especially if you had a bad past. You have ups and downs and still you are expected to live through the day without ever thinking of leaving your partner. It’s hard to cope up, but eventually you’ll find out there so much that can be done. All you needed was someone to guide you through it.

How To Make Conversation With Women – 7 Guy Tips For Small Talk and How To Strike Up Conversation

Every guy in the world has been in this situation without exception. You are at a party or out with friends when suddenly, completely out of nowhere you find yourself in the company of an attractive woman or girl and the silence is deafening! You had no time to plan for this situation, it wasn’t like you’d had all day to think about it.

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