4 Tips For Staying Out of the Friend Zone With Your Ex

Hot Secret Way to Text A Guy Without Appearing Desperate

There’s a secret way to text a guy without appearing desperate. Many times women make huge mistakes because they can’t help themselves and end up pursuing a man who appears withdrawn but if you understand how to use this strategy, you will come off as more attractive instead of needy.

5 Steps to Being Attractive to Women

Everyone likes to be attractive, as long as they are safe. How can you make yourself attractive to women? Here are some straightforward tips.

Have Your Best Friend Begging To Be Your Girlfriend

So you have this one friend who you are wildly attracted to. Unfortunately, no matter what you do you can’t get her interested. So how do you turn your cute friend into your girlfriend?

Pick Women Up At The Bar

Learn the virtually unknown secrets of how to pick up a woman at a bar. Most men go to a bar and end up drunk and empty handed–literally. Find out the simple but powerful secrets to bringing home the babe at the bar.

PUA Inner Game for Beginner

Since I was young, I have always practiced my self-development and confidence via building my attraction / picking up women skills. Think about it: Generally, you become a more desirable man simply by making good choices and self-improvement, whether it is developing your personality, your health, your body, your personal style, your diet or your mind.

Why White Girls Date Black Men

To some people it’s a big source of curiosity and to others it’s a sore topic. This is the 21st century and people still murmur, but it’s really not that big of a deal. Neither is it a mystery.

Have Beautiful Women Begging To Go Out With You

Do you want to be the guy who has women begging him for a date? Do you want to have you pick of exciting and gorgeous women, each one dying for the opportunity to be with you? Does this sound like something that is out of reach? Many guys have this dream, but few reach it. Often, guys convince themselves that they are lacking something that keeps them from reaching this reality. Either they don’t think they are handsome enough, or maybe they don’t have a lot of money, or they are not that funny. They have convinced themselves of their inadequacies before they have even tried, because trying and failing is much harder than not trying at all.

PUA Routines and How to Use Them

PUA routines become more popular today. PUA routines are prompt techniques used by pick up artists. Pick up artists practice these canned materials for many purposes such as getting a girl interested, opening up a conversation, making her feel comfortable and moving to the seduction phase.

Tips For Talking To Attractive Women For The First Time

After you start up an in-person conversation with an attractive woman, asking “Do you come here often?” is the fastest way to end the conversation. Here are some helpful tips for making your first talk with her as effective as possible.

How to Get a Girl’s Attention – It’s Easy Once You Know and Start to Implement These 4 Steps

Well, let’s say that you’ve noticed a woman. As far as you can tell she hasn’t even noticed you. That might be true, and it might not be.

Where Should I Go to Meet Girls?

There are two schools of thought on this which can be summed up by simple advice: 1) at church, or 2) in a bar/pub. Supposedly this will get you entirely different types of women, but that advice may be outdated, from times when churchgoers and pub crawlers did not mingle. Nowadays a lot of people do a bit of both. There is another school of thought which indicates a sociological division: maybe a class divide, but maybe not: if you want to meet girls, go to college.

Love and Dating in Your 40s

Not everyone in their 40s is done looking for love. Today many are waiting until later in life to find their mate. They want to establish a career while others have been married, but are looking for love again due to divorce or even death.

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