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How To Be A Man Magnet In 5 Steps

Do you ever wonder why some women attract more than their fair share of men? It’s not all about looks. Winning the genetic lottery might get you the first glance, but it won’t be enough to hold a man’s attention and keep it. Read how these 5 easy steps can ‘up your game!’

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Is There A Good Way To Break Up With Your Boyfriend? Take These 7 Steps

Breaking up is hard to do. There isn’t really any way to sugar-coat the bad news when you leave your ex. Consider this couple…

Pick Up Beautiful Women – How To Stay Cool

How do you pick up beautiful women? Part of it’s the body language and the way you move. But a huge part of it is the way you talk. Making conversation is totally essential. In order to keep talking and not run out of things to say, you’ve got to be relaxed.

Single and Looking for Fun

Some people fear being single because for so many centuries this meant that a person might not be desirable. In today’s dating community however, there are plenty of single people who may be looking for another date, but have no desire whatsoever to be tied down. One of the most important difficulties to face when choosing a single life is being forced to defend your choice.

Attraction Secrets Revealed: 3 Wise Ways to Not to Be Lonely Again!

In your relationship to the rest of your world, the more you give out, the more you will receive in return. When you find that your love relationships are not the way you want them to be, it is time to start giving back to the universe to ensure that it has a reason to give back to you.

Meeting Amazing Women: Three Body Language Tips to Communicate Confidence

Whether out on a date or meeting a woman for the first time, body language makes or breaks an interaction. But here are three quick and easy tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Firing Up a New Romance

Finding the time to meet new people can be difficult and getting to know them well enough to determine whether or not you want a date can be even harder. One of the best romance tips is to make sure that you find the right places to make connections that are likely to prove successful. Those looking to find new love would do well to meet people online or through social events that bring people together through common interests or goals.

Thinking of Buying The Game By Neil Strauss? Read This Review First

Have you ever read The Game by Neil Strauss? It’s a book that was published in 2005 and made waves all over the world for being the so-called bible of pick up artists. Browsing the contents and reading the by-line on the cover will give you the impression that the book is a non-fiction account of someone’s life. But some use it as a manual for developing seduction techniques.

Can You Really Learn How To Pickup Girls From The Game By Neil Strauss?

The Game by Neil Strauss was published in 2005, around half a decade ago, and it became a bestseller because of several reasons. The first reason is shock factor. There was a pick up artist subculture in existence when the book came out, and everyone was astounded by how Neil Strauss, also known as Style, made pick up techniques mainstream.

In Love and In Charge: The Independent Woman’s Guide to Love

Often times the world’s view of the “Boss Lady” or strong woman in general, is based on the wrong assumption that she is dominating, self-seeking, and only cares about one thing – getting ahead. But that isn’t necessarily true for a lot of women. She is a fierce and strong leader, maybe even a high-powered attorney, CEO, or Manager of a major corporation. But that doesn’t negate the fact that, she is also a woman with a true desire for love and affection.

4 Easy Ways To Turn A Friend Into A Lover

I think men and women always have this question in the back of the mind. I get all versions of this question: “David, how do I go about getting out of the friend zone and getting into the boyfriend zone?” This topic is always interesting to me, but it is especially interesting right now because I am currently dating a woman with whom I started out being just friends.

Dating Doesn’t Always Mix With Men’s Hobbies and Women’s Hobbies

Nowadays, women often enjoy many things that used to interest only men, but there are still things that remain almost exclusively man stuff, and sometimes these can make you unattractive! Furthermore, given the general single minded enthusiasm that mono-tasking men can apply, they take up time that can be spent dating and looking for girls, so this article explains some of the cautions that should be employed with certain man-hobbies.

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