3 Words That Trigger Love In A Woman

Tips For Women: Five (5) Great Places To Meet Eligible Good Men

Don’t wait for your guy to knock on your door and sweep off your feet. Take the first step towards a happy love life.

Making Him Fall in Love With You: The Secrets

Are you wondering just how to make that guy you’re interested in fall head over heels in love with you? Do you want to make it a no-brainer decision for him that he should be with you and that you will love and cherish him forever? There is a way you can really prove to any man that you will be his ideal partner and keep him happy for the rest of his life.

Are You a Desperate Guy? – Test Yourself

If you can’t attract the girl of your dreams it’s probably because you don’t believe in yourself, as a result you exude desperation, which is the biggest turn-off for females. Test yourself to find out how desperate you are…

Loving a Male Leo: How to Have a Roaring Good Time

Leo men are an excitable bunch who love a lot of activity. If you are the stay-at-home type who wants to laze about on the couch with a glass of wine, this guy is not for you! They love to go out and have a good time, meet new people, talk with friends and embark on new activities.

Feeling Boring? Liven Up Your Image!

Do you feel like every guy you talk to just moves on to the next girl at the party because you don’t have anything interesting to say? Does it seem like other women know how to attract men and keep them engaged, but you are at a loss for what to talk to them about? Is there a certain man you’re interested in, but you’re worried he is going to find you boring when you finally do get him out on a date?

Put Down the Phone: Your Ex Doesn’t Want to Hear From You

Are you obsessed with your ex-boyfriend, lover or husband? Do you find yourself reaching for the phone at all hours of the day just to shoot him a quick message or call just to hear his voice? Are you worried that you may never move on because you were so in love with him?

Dating a Cancer Man

What sets a man born under the sign of Cancer apart from men born under other astrological signs? What makes him tick and what are his desires? If you’re dating a male Cancer, you may find yourself confused by some of his behavior.

Do Looks Matter? Not As Much As You Think

Do looks matter for men is one of the most common dating questions asked. The answer may seem obvious, but practically speaking, it turns out you do not have to be good looking as a man to get that “perfect 10”.

Secrets of the Alpha Male – Top 4 Sings to Tell If Your Ex Misses You

Do you want to know if your ex misses you? There are some signs that will help you know for sure…

Am I Just a Fling or Is He Really Interested in Me?

Are you dating a guy and you can’t figure out what he’s thinking? Are you wondering what he wants from your relationship? Are you worried that he might just see you as a fling when you’re interested in something more serious?

The Good and Bad of Dating an Aquarius

Are you interested in or falling for a man who was born under the sign of Aquarius? Are you wondering if your sign is compatible with him romantically or sexually? Aquarians make interesting men who can be difficult to understand.

I’m Attracted to a Married Man – What Do I Do?

Do you ever feel like every decent man has already been snatched up by other women? Have you been wondering whether it’s worth it to approach that gorgeous married guy who’s been flirting with you? You are not the only one.

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