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4 Ways to Maintain Attraction In A Relationship

A reader asks…. “While your advice in attracting women is some of the best I’ve seen, the problem is that the problem doesn’t stop there. The real question is: How do you maintain that attraction and sex appeal when you enter a serious relationship where maybe the goal is to get married, have kids, buy a house, consolidate finances, and live the rest of the life like two responsible adults. What do men need to do to stay sexy to their committed women, while possibly working 10 hours a day and taking care of other daily responsibilities and duties. – D “

3 Tips On How NOT To Impress A Girl

So you like this particular women and you want to put your best foot forward. What are some of the things that you can do to get her really attracted to you? Well, it’s not exactly what you think.

4 Characteristics of an Alpha Male

Is an Alpha Male simply: unpredictable, strongly dominant, a risk taker, outspoken, who craves being the center of attention? Or is there really more to it than that? Let me debunk the myths for you and show you what it really takes to be a true Alpha Male.

Attract the Woman of Your Dreams In 7 Days – Guaranteed With These Daily Tips!

Are you unsure of how to attract the woman of your dreams? That’s perfectly normal. And it’s something I can definitely help you with! Have you seen the women of your dreams? She’s everything you want and more? Here are daily tips on how to attract the woman of your dreams in 7 days!

Do You Really Know Who Your Significant Other Is?

Regardless if your significant other is a complete and total jerk in all aspects, mostly good, or mostly bad, if you are choosing to stay, make it as stress free on yourself as possible. In fact try and make it downright enjoyable! The most amazing feeling in the world is to be completely and totally loved for who you are, flaws and all!

Master and Commander

Take control of your ship and your life will get through any storm you come across. So many of us are too open to others, we let things take place that we shouldn’t. And people take advantage of our good will. So when it comes to life and especially love do not let people walk all over you. Take control of your life and become the master and commander of your ship like you already should be.

Rags to Riches

Every now and then life becomes too much. You are struggling with money; your job is hard work. You can’t pay your rent and you don’t have a partner. These are some of life’s struggles that we all suffer with from time to time. So don’t feel alone in the world if you suffering from these problems, because believe me when I say that you are most definitely not alone in any of this.

Smart Tops Get You Into Bed

Dressing smartly is underrated. You need to be able to dress in a way that displays you in your best light possible. You only get one chance to make a first impression so make sure you get it right. Now I am not talking about dressing smartly for a local benefit party. Or a charity dog night down the local track.

What Kind of Animal Are You When It Comes to Dating?

What kind of animal do you think you are when it comes to dating? Do you expose yourself fully like an orangutan or charge in to a conversation like a rhino? Believe it or not you can compare most behavior on dates to that in the animal kingdom. For example two people who don’t get on during a first date either go one of two ways.

What Kind of Pizza Are You in Dating?

Are you the plain safe type like the margarita that just does enough to satisfy someone and no more? Although it remains satisfactory and honest, but for some it is not enough.

What Kind of Pizza Do You Look for in Dating?

You may have already regarded what kind of pizza you regard yourself to be in dating. But which kind of pizza do you go for in dating? Most of us will encounter many margaritas during our dating days and it will be what is on the ones that aren’t margaritas that will give us the most satisfaction.

Learning How to Get a Girl in Bed Using Dating Routines – 3 Tips

Most of the questions about dating routines involve using these things to get a girl in bed. Today, I will share some of my thoughts on dating routines and what they actually contribute to the seduction process. First, let’s define what a routine is. Routines are scripts or a series of actions that you can develop and practice on your own.

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