3 Ways To Get Your Ex to Miss You

Is It Love? 7 Ways to See If You’re Dating the Right Person

Sure, you’ve gone on a few dates and had some fun – or maybe you’ve been together for a few months, or even a few years -but how do you really know if the person you’re dating is "The One"? Here are 7 ways to see if the person you’re dating is Mr./Miss Right or Mr./Miss Wrong.

4 Ways to Get A Girl’s Number That You Can Use Tonight

The moment has arrived. After racking your brain trying to come up with any question to engage her interest, you make the dive and ask for her number. But then you wonder, “Am I any different from all the previous hopeful hearts that have also made the plunge?” How will she see me any differently?

How to Find a Man Who Is a Hopeless Romantic Like You

Hopeless romantics think about happy ever after and finding ‘The One’. You know there must be such men out there. Yet how to find a man who is a hopeless romantic like you is proving to be more difficult than you thought. Hence, here are some tips on what to do so you can meet and attract your soul mate quickly…

How Wearing the Wrong Colors Can Spoil a First Date

Did you know that the color you’re wearing can subconsciously affect the emotions of another person? Psychological studies have proven this to be true. If the person is a first date you probably want to create a positive effect and make a good impression.

Distracting Yourself From First Date Pressure

If you get very nervous when you are on a first date, this article gives you lots of suggestions on how to distract yourself from that pressure and have a much more successful experience. Whether you met the person on a dating website or in person, these ideas will help anyone get through the jitters of first date pressure.

Ladies, Want To Know What To Get Him For Valentine’s Day? A Cell Phone Stun Gun

Ladies, are you trying to think of a great gift to give your man this Valentine’s Day? Why not give him a completely unique device that could literally save his life one day with the cell phone stun gun?

Over 50 Dating Is Still Possible Especially for Pursuing Serious Relationships

For individuals who are over 50 dating, I’m sure they are quite awkward on how to start doing it after such a long time. In this article, tips will be shared on how to be a good flirt and also giving you some of the best dating advice.

How to Tell If He Wants to Ask You Out? Sure Fire Ways to Know If He Is Your Potential Date

A lot of us go through the dilemma of not knowing whether a guy likes us enough to ask us out on a date. If you fancy someone and want to know if he finds you romantically interesting then here are the signs to look out for.

How to Make Him Want to Be Your Boyfriend – Ideas on How to Become the Most Wanted

You have been longing to date him since you met him but don’t know how to attract him in such a manner that he ignores all the other girls and wants to date you exclusively! Well, you don’t have to despair, here are some excellent tactics you can adopt that will bring you instant success.

How to Get a Guy to Admit He Likes You – Candid Ways of Getting Him to Profess His Love

Even though you are almost sure that he likes you and cares for you, you would like to hear him say the actual words and profess his love for you. Getting a guy to admit his feelings can be a little tough but if you know how, you will be successful in no time at all. Here are some ways that can help you.

Does He Want to Date Me? 7 Great Ways to Know If He Wants to Take You Out

Even though you keep catching him giving you sly glances, you can’t be sure if he really likes you or not. Because you don’t want to assume that he is interested it is better to first find out if he wants to date you or not. These tips will help you to know if you have scored where he is concerned!

7 Signs He Is Starting to Fall for You – Good Ways to Know If You Have Hooked Him

You want to know for sure that the guy you have been eying for the last month is beginning to fall for you as much as you are falling for him! This is why it is important for you to look for certain signs that tell you for sure that he is falling for you. Take a good look at these 7 tips.

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