3 Things Women Crave In The Bedroom (but are afraid to say)

Giving Online Dating a Try

Have you ever come home after a first date through online dating feeling disappointed? If your answer is yes, then take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. A lot of people have experienced terrible dates in the past.

Three Tips to Get Over a Break-Up

One of the worst parts about dating is the break-up. I do have to admit breaking up is less painful than staying in a bad relationship in the long run. But in the short-term, it really stinks. Here are three steps you can take to help you get over your break-up.

How to Approach a Girl for the First Time

Okay, you feel you have seen the girl of your dreams, and you think she is a perfect match. But however hard you try, you are unable to work up the courage to approach her. This is quite natural; talking to a girl for the first time can be difficult at times. This may be due to the fear of rejection or lack of practice. I have seen many who have failed at this. So, what can you do to overcome this fear? Just follow some of these tried and tested ways of starting a conversation and then hope for the best.

“I’m So Lonely” – A Past Life Regression Story

“I’m so lonely,” said Lisa, a young artist who came to see me for a past life discovery session. “I find it extremely hard to connect and bond with people. My relationships are very shallow and meaningless,” she told me. She was a twenty-year-old, single, highly verbal, good looking, depressed and friendless woman.

Who Knew Attracting Someone Would Be That Easy?

Have you ever thought about how easy it used to be for us when we were kids to make friends and enjoy ourselves? Why is it that when we grow up it suddenly becomes so difficult to make someone to like you or for some people even to just find friends who you can truly call friends.

Five Amazing Factors That Will Help You Attract Any Man At All

Once you understand the science behind attraction it will become very easy for you to attract any man you want to. Most of us believe that attraction is completely subjective in nature…

5 Ways to Identify Your Perfect Partner

Running out-of-time for marriage? If you are single and already 35, well there is a reason to be worried. As you age, your market value decreases. But if you are 25, single but with tight qualifications for a partner, you are at risk of becoming single for life.

What Do Women Find Attractive?

What women find attractive about men is often a vexing question for most men. Learn the secrets to the feminine mind and learn how to use this to your advantage!

Checklist for a God-Sent Christian Single

Whichever situation you are right now, finding a Christian partner is an intricate quest. In fact, setting Christianity as a standard gives you lesser chance to find a partner. However, it is not impossible to find a Christian wife or husband. But a God-sent partner never just comes suddenly, and it is not easy to identify that person.

How to Use Mind Manipulation to Control a Woman – Force Her to Like You With Mind Control Tactics

There are many men who are very interested to know how to use mind manipulation to control a woman – force her to like you with mind control tactics. This is a very attractive idea, especially for those who couldn’t even imagine how repulsed or how uninterested the woman of your dreams could be. When a woman is uninterested to the point that she would do anything to avoid even bumping into you, a man is usually left with two things to decide on: to move on and find some other woman, or to use tricks and ways to make…

How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You – Guaranteed

If you want to know how to make a girl fall in love with you- guaranteed and easy, you have to be honest with yourself. Playing with love isn’t an encouraged thing. Love is a very complicated thing, and simplifying it in terms of steps and tips on how to make girls fall in love is a somewhat impossible thing to do.

How to Get Confident With Girls – Three Steps to Overcoming Your Insecurity

You could see how many women swoon over actors and celebrities, but you couldn’t quite pinpoint how some normal guy in your neighborhood could actually get and stand that much attention from all the lovely ladies. This is the reason why you would also want to know how to get confident with girls – three steps to overcoming your insecurity. The first thing you need to know to be able to overcome you insecurity is to admit to yourself that you have one, and that it is the reason why you cannot be confident with girls.

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