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Ladies, Are You Plagued With a Voice That Is Irritating?

Women often wonder why men don’t listen. There are a number of possibilities, one of which could be that your voice is irritating. If you have a whiny, high-pitched, nasal sound that is reminiscent of a poorly-tuned violin, then the image you are projecting is definitely not one of warmth, attraction, or authority.

The Older Guys Guide To Dating

Dating and Love get better for men after that 40 year old birthday. You have so much more to offer in dating. The best part is that the amount of desirable men in the dating scene as yo age drops off substantially. You can take great advantage of this, with the knowledge that women are now seeing you as the prize. Here are some tips to get back in the dating game.

Increase Your Confidence With Women to Gain That Second Date

Do you think you’re confident enough to speak and ask a woman for a date? What if you’ve just bumped into the woman of your dreams or your long-lost childhood crush? It doesn’t seem that easy as it used to be when you ask your dream girl a date because almost every guy may feel shy, timid and self-conscious when they’ve found the woman they want to marry.

Does He Love Me? Quiz – Knowing If He Loves You Or Not

Can you say for sure that your man loves you? Do you wish to do a “Does He Love Me?” test? Are you keen to find out whether he loves you? Being in a loving relationship is an excellent experience. Having a partner gives you security. You are in love. But is the feeling of love returned in kind by your partner? Does your partner love you back?

Does My Guy Friend Like Me? – How to Know for Sure

Do you that a truly platonic relationship can work between a guy and a girl? Anything can occur between a man and a woman. If you’ve noticed that something is a bit different between you and your male friend, you deserve to discover the truth about your emotions. Here’s how to work out whether your male friend really likes you.

Physical Signs of Attraction – The Signals That Reveal He’s Into You

Have you ever felt an immediate attraction when you’ve met a particular guy? Do you notice that he always looks at you when you walk past? Does your heart beat more quickly when you see him? If your answers are in the affirmative, then you may have a physical attraction to this guy. There are lots of physical signs of attraction you should be aware of.

Friend to Girlfriend Secrets: Does It Deliver?

Have you ever had a friend that you thought should be more than a friend? I have, and chances are you’ve also known a girl who you wished was your girlfriend and not just a female friend. Friend to Girlfriend Secrets is a program that promises to show any man in love how to make that leap from friend to boyfriend without losing a friend.

Top 10 Questions To Ask Your New Date

Whether you are going out with a personal contact, or one obtained from a dating service, these top 10 questions to ask your new date can help understand more about them. Some are fun, others are serious. But, asking and listening closely can give you insight. Be prepared, however, to give answers as well.

How to Pick a Gift for Your Boyfriend

Choosing a gift for my boyfriend is quite interesting as well as a tough task to do, because he is the most important man in my life. It is somewhat confusing to figure out what he is expecting from me this time. Because, finding out the likes and dislikes of my boyfriend before picking a gift for him will always work in a better way.

How to Effectively Charm a Woman Into Going Out With You?

You may have noticed some rather average looking guys who have a knack for attracting beautiful girls. You do not have to be dressed in designer clothing or drive a fast car in order to attract girls you just need to be able to turn on your charm. All guys have the ability to flash their charm and attract girls; this was something which was built into all guys as part of the evolutionary process. Today however many guys feel lost especially if they are trying to attract that one particular girl rather than the entire campus, bar or club.

Men And Relationships – How Much Do You Care About Your Inner Game?

Before we jump into men and relationships, I want to tell you that studies have shown that if you do something regularly for a minimum of twenty one days straight, you’ll establish a habit that will be quite difficult to break. This goes for anything, from beginning a new exercise regimen to starting a new diet, to quitting smoking. Any sort of activity you want to do, habit you want to break or pick up.

Projection As Protection

I’ve been thinking a lot about projection lately, especially since many of my engaged and newlywed clients have been persevering on the thought, “I don’t love him/her.” This is such an important and complex topic that I’ve written about it several times, but let me say it more clearly here: Projection is a defense or an addiction against feeling the natural fear and grief associate with a transition and the anxiety, self-doubt, and old traumas around love of your wounded self. As one of the women on my forum said so poignantly in a recent post: “But I also know from my own experience that its so much easier to stay in the projection state than to deal with the real grief.”

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