11 BEST Humor & Flirting Lines Guaranteed To Make ANY Girl Laugh! (She’ll Be OBSESSED!)

How to Be the Object of a Desire for a Man – Be the Only Woman He Would Cherish Forever and Ever

Knowing that a man is madly in love with you, you fully know that you’ve got a bit of control over him. There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with the knowledge of being the object of his affection. So if you’re dying to know how to become the hottest girl for him, here’s how:

Turn Your Female Friend Into Your Girlfriend

It is difficult to turn your lady friend into your girlfriend, but it is possible. The key in turning your female friend into your girlfriend is to bridge the gap between friendly affection and genuine attraction. This article will cover a few techniques you might try, in order to transform that friend relationship into a friends with benefits type situation, and possibly even make your best friend your girlfriend.

Dating Tips – Three Things You Do That Will Give Women Permission to Play Games With You

These dating tips I’m going to reveal to you are fabulous at avoiding in advance what may bring you lots of troubles with women in the future. I’m talking about some very dangerous things that you are going to do with women which will give them implicit permission to make your life a living hell and to start fooling you around.

Online Dating: 6 Grammatical Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

A list of the six top errors that people make when writing in their online dating profiles. Bad grammar and spelling can doom you in the world of dating. Don’t make these mistakes!

Attraction, Reaction, And Indifference

I wanted to include ‘rejection’ in the title, but felt it too wordy – or woody if you prefer. These four states of mind seem to govern all of life’s basic behavior, and cover much of the universe itself as well, though ‘rejection’ and ‘indifference’ are not commonly used to describe cosmic phenomena. In any case, I include in this basic umbrella of what I regard as ‘stances of being’ and not strictly emotional states.

Attracting Women – Three Universal Mistakes Most Guys Do When Attracting Women

There are so many talks about what to do when attracting women and I think that almost everything that’s said on this subject is wrong. Unfortunately for most guys, they won’t be able to tell the difference until they try it and fail! I suggest that you first start with avoiding these three universal mistakes most guys would do when attracting women:

Dating Tips – How to Make Women Miss You

There are a lot of dating tips out there that are great. However, most of them are missing a huge point. How to make women miss you and be attracted to you even if you aren’t around them, this is what you are going to find out.

Attracting Women – What to Wear to Make Yourself More Attracting to Women

Four out of five guys have no idea how attracting women works! This is especially visible when they are dressing, find out what to avoid and what to wear to be the most attractive guy to a woman.

Dating for Men – Four Secrets Women Will Never Reveal to You

These dating for men tips are very kept secrets that women love and would never reveal to you, a guy. Use them to give women what they want, they will be amazed and attracted by you.

Are You Texting Girls Right Out of Your Life?

Texting girls can build attraction, that is if you know how. If you don’t have the skills, you can unknowingly text her right out of your life. Sad thing is, you could have avoided it.

Do You Want to Kiss Her on a First Date? Then Try This

You are out on a date with this beautiful lady and you get all talking and romantic and then you feel like giving her a kiss to show off affection, it is easy to do this but with care. First you need to understand the psychology of this lady. While some ladies might be carried away because of your sweet warming words or the all romantic treat you are giving to her, some others might not be. Getting a kiss on your first date is all about understanding of the two parties and the mood that follows there about. If you are flirty right from the beginning of the date then be sure to get that kiss, when she looks you deeply in the eye and says “what” you know it’s time. Though some other ladies with high moral values would not do this either because they don’t want to look cheap to you or because they don’t want to get blown away by emotions just on the first date. That not withstanding, a little push would do the magic. Here are some tips on getting that first kiss.

A New Way In Finding A Date

The World Wide Web is the greatest equalizer ever to be invented. Rich or poor, educated or uneducated, white or black, beautiful or ugly, old or young and so on and so forth, everyone can make use of the vast amount of information and services offered by the Internet. One such service particularly beneficial to even the most demure and introverted person is the service of online dating.

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